A superbly equipped apartment, located in the historic center of Regensburg, is waiting for you. The carefully coordinated decor with selected accessories have created a special atmosphere between past and present. Architecture and historic atmosphere of the building - at the core Romanesque, Baroque in appearance - are complemented by contemporary design.

The core of the house Engelburgergasse 10 dates back to the 12th century, as can be seen in the cellar and parts of the ground floor. Substantial alterations were carried out during the 18th century, which gave the house its present appearance.

The name of "Goldener Kranich" has a long tradition of its own. At least from 1722 to 1859 there was an inn of that name in the house. In 1821, the newspaper "Regensburger Wochenblatt" wrote:

"The undersigned hereby humbly recommends his inn to all guilds and craftsmen for accommodation. With the inn very comfortably fitted to meet these demands and equipped with good and cleanly beds, he trusts he will satisfy the confidence of all potential customers by making it his foremost obligation to cater for travellers from abroad in a most adequate and inexpensive way. Signed Joh. Michael Panzer, Landlord of the Goldener Kranich."